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A brief history of the parish and its people over the centuries


In 2009 the then incumbent of Cockington Church Revd Anthony K F Macey published his labour of love The People of Cockington. Rather than looking at the history of the building of Cockington Church, it focussed more on the people who have occupied the pews over the centuries. The preface to the publication begins:-

"People have lived in Cockington for many centuries. It is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of William the Conqueror, and it is clear that a Saxon village was already in existence before that time. It is probable that a church also existed; however, in what state or type we do not know, or even where it stood.


The first concrete piece of history comes with the coming of the Normans, and it is from that date that I start this booklet. The intention of this booklet is to write about the people of Cockington. After all, the church is a fellowship of believers, not just a building, so we trace their lives down through the centuries until the present day looking at national as well as local events to see how these coloured their lives in ages where life expectancy was fairly short. We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but we do apologise in advance if any of our conclusions of the data we have processed should later be found to be inaccurate. "

The printed version of the 24 page booklet is available for sale in church. If you would like a copy but it's not possible for you to visit Cockington, you can download a PDF copy by clicking here. We would of course be eternally grateful if you could make a donation using the button at the top of the page! Thank you.

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