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Cockington Parish Church is fortunate in that we are one of increasingly few churches still to have a functioning peal of six bells. They ring out joyously every Sunday across the grounds of Cockington Park welcoming all to church. If you've ever had a hankering for bell ringing, don't hold back. Everyone is welcome. To find out more please contact Graham Tandy on 01803 616637.

Stephen Royle - Head of Music

Stephen is our evergreen Head of Music. A keen musician and composer in his own right, he is responsible for music at both Cockington and our sister church St Matthew's in Chelston. We have a small choir which performs in both churches and is also available for weddings.

musical events

We love to fill our church with the sound of music. Cockington is a very intimate space so not perhaps suitable for large choral ensembles. Notwithstanding smaller groups would be welcome to share our space.

St Matthew's Chelston however is a much larger church which has superb acoustics and ideal for larger events.

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